Proud Partner in the ProSential Group

As part of our on-going commitment to provide clients with new solutions, information and ideas, John Davis Advisors is proud to partner with the ProSential Group.
​ProSential Group delivers innovative HR, benefits, and payroll solutions designed for small to mid-sized companies like yours. Our powerful combination of world-class technology, national reach, and local support helps you take your business further. Services include:
  • ACA Support
  • HR Outsourcing
  • HR Help Desk
  • HR & Benefits Library
  • Compliance
  • Pop. Health Managment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Administration
  • HRIS
  • Wellness
  • Advocacy
  • Private Exchange 
  • Workforce Management


​New business challenges demand a better approach.

​Small to mid-sized businesses need a better, more efficient way to handle HR, payroll, and benefits. That’s why we partnered with ProSential Group—a new kind of solution provider dedicated to transforming HR and benefits. We take a more personal and effective approach than monolithic, traditional solution providers.
​We focus exclusively on meeting the unique needs of businesses with 10 to 2,000 employees—from professional services to non-profit organizations to manufacturing. These diverse organizations share a common desire to automate paper-based HR processes, mitigate employee-related risk, and manage strategic HR and benefits services more efficiently. We serve as HR innovators, proactive advocates, and strategic business partners to our thousands of clients throughout the U.S.

We deliver local support.

Accountable local service means you have a responsible, accessible partner who knows the specific needs of your business—and develops a strong relationship with you.


We bring it all together.

Our comprehensive approach integrates payroll, HR, benefits, time and attendance, and more in one automated solution that’s easy to use and manage.


We help you empower your employees.

We make sure your self-service solution meets the needs of your employees and fits your culture and processes. We help you give your employees the information they need—when they need it. And we help you implement new services smoothly.


We right-size your solution. 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We simplify even the most complex challenges by focusing on your needs, then offering a solution designed to meet them—drawing from our broad portfolio of technology, services, and advice.


We help you save time and money.

Our advanced but affordable solutions are designed to be cost-effective—as well as easy to implement and manage.