"I wanted to shoot you a quick update after my call with John Davis Advisors last week to review the Suite HR platform. Let me first start by saying that the platform they reviewed with me was everything my dreams are made of!

My favorite parts were:

  • Recruitment efforts in one area (including for multiple positions from multiple job posting sites)
  • Training checklists
  • Automated correspondence to people reaching out about positions
  • Onboarding – the hiring file can quickly become a new hire file, and we can assign the paperwork they need to fill out INSIDE the platform
  • Paperwork for nearly everything in one place
  • Performance reviews with 360 capabilities and weighted scales for bonuses, raters, etc.

Ok, I will stop, but oh my goodness! This would make our lives so much more efficient!"

-Kelly Bodine, Full Media Director of Team Member Development


“With the HR tools and support John Davis Advisors have provided us, we were able to come out of a PEO, cut costs for employees and the company and become a more independent company. They’ve helped us find competitive benefits to pass along to our employees, and they truly have worked with us as partners.”


-Ashley Logan, Honigsberg & Duvel Corporation Office Manager